Why buy only Crafted in America Iconic Lighting

5 Reasons to purchase our handcrafted Vintage Marquee and Decorative Icon lighting:

1. Only our Marquee and Decorative lighting is produced exclusively in the U.S.  Here in the North Georgia Mountains our cutters, welders, assemblers, finishing specialists, and lighting technicians each touch by hand every lighting product we manufacture.  At every stage, we have a quality inspection before it is passed along to another craftsman to complete their part.  We then make a final inspection before carefully wrapping and boxing for shipping.

2. We use only 100% U.S. heavy gauge steel in all of our products.  In our ongoing effort to support and protect the environment, we will often utilize recycled U.S. steel.  Buying American product and producing in America we help create jobs, communities and pride in what we do.

3. To protect you the consumer we rust with the only Eco-Friendly Vintage Rusting process in the country.  Our process uses NO harmful chemicals.  In fact, our proprietary process is formulated with common products found right in your own home.

4. Our Decorative Icons are finished with the highest quality Powder Coating available.  This finish insures the longevity of the product when used either indoors or outdoors.  Every Icon, Letter, Number or Word we produce is certified for outdoor use so you can be worry free wherever you choose to display the products.

5. Every lighted piece is shipped fully assembled and ready to plug in.  No wiring, setting bulbs or trying to connect letters or numbers.  We do it all for you.  Just in case, we pack extra bulbs along for the ride.  If you decide you would like to change the look of your Icon we include information on how you can order colored bulbs directly from us to insure you have quality bulbs compatible with our quality wiring.